Discovery Nature Sanctuary

Discovery Nature Sanctuary

The Discovery Nature Sanctuary is a hidden oasis in an urban landscape. Here, a natural community thrives amidst the busy activity of surrounding industries. 

The nature sanctuary, located in the northeast corner of Winkler, totals about 32 acres and has several distinct habitats. Wetlands alone cover approximately 7 acres and are used by a variety of waterfowl, including Wood Ducks. Wooded areas harbour songbirds while secluded marsh areas are home to Leopard Frogs and microscopic critters. Grassy areas provide habitats for various plant species and small mammals like the Northern Pocket Gopher.

The Discovery Nature Sanctuary is a place to discover native flora and fauna in an urban environment. Walking the easy trails provides opportunities for exploration and relaxation.

Visit in winter and look for animal tracks and try to determine what species made them. You may be fortunate to see a Northern Shrike or Jack Rabbit. Spring is an excellent time to look for migrating songbirds and waterbirds in their colourful breeding plumage's. In summer, look for flowering plants and watch the ducks and geese with their broods. Fall is a time to enjoy the autumn colours and the various birds preparing for migration.

Access to the trailhead is available 150 m south of the junction of Hwy 14 and Eastview Drive.

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