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Bueckert, Karina
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My name is Karina Bueckert, and I am running for City Council in Winkler, MB this October.
I am incredibly blessed to have a wonderful family; my husband Dave Bueckert and I have two amazing kids, Dominik (15), and Kate (13). We live near the beautiful Emerald Centennial School on the South end of the city.
My story is varied, and I believe reflects well the diverse demographic landscape of Winkler. I was born in Paraguay, South America. My family immigrated directly to Winkler when I was 3, myself the 5th of 7 children. My family worked hard to establish themselves here, and seeing that inspired me to do the same. My Mother, Adele Dyck, started a successful business on our kitchen table many years ago here in Winkler. Watching her fight through barriers and continue working with great focus, has taught me many lessons in business and life.
I have worked within our community for years, and am now ready to take this next step to work on city council. My passion for our community is backed by practical business experience; I am the Director of Business Development for 5 hotels in Manitoba, including the Quality Inn in Winkler. I am in charge of their sales and marketing, as well as other tourism initiatives.
My greatest passion, though, is seeing our community grow strong and show Love. While being on the council would be a big part of this, joining in community service has been of utmost importance to me throughout my life here. I had the privilege of serving as a Chair on the JR Walkof School Parent Advisory Council (a giant and genuine Thank You! here to each of you in the community who put in hours and contributed to our fundraising efforts. I know how much work they are!). For several years I was also President of local, regional non-profit Donate Love, which supports members of the community with food, clothing, and essentials. I have seen the needs within our community, and believe in addressing them with love and understanding.
My volunteer work continues today. Currently I am co-chair of the regional tourism board, Explore Morden Winkler, to help draw and grow tourism to our beautiful area. I am also a board member for local non-profit, Big Rigs Big Hearts.
I believe in our community. I have a commitment to working here, to raising my family here, and to donating time here to make Winkler the best it can be. While growing up here, the city motto was ‘Where People Make the Difference.’ I hope to remind our citizens of that throughout my campaign. Our community is made up of so many talented people, and being ranked the fastest growing city in Manitoba, shows that others recognize it’s unique potential. That potential comes from us, from our neighbors, from our parents and children that have all put in time to make Winkler what it is today.
My history, as a family, as a businesswoman, as a volunteer, I believe present strengths our city can benefit from. I promise to do my best for the city, and to always make the right choices for our city, no matter how difficult it may be. I stand for a city that works together, and a community filled with Love, Respect, and Support for one another.
Thank you for your consideration. I am VERY excited to put my name on the ballot and I look forward to working with you!
Karina for Winkler City Council
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